Pieces of the Puzzle: Reconciling Science, History, and the Bible

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  • 96-page full-color .pdf, suitable for printing like a book
  • Companion timeline correlating the Exodus and Egyptian history


Have you ever wondered if God exists? Or why people still believe in the books of Genesis and Exodus even though science and history seem to disagree?

To be honest, the question seems unanswerable. But what if the answer was in front of our faces - even talking to us - the entire time?

This friendly and accessible book provides readers with a unique "proof" for God based on the physics of the early universe, the formation of our planet, and historical evidence that the Exodus happened as written, plagues and all.

In this book, you will learn...

  • How to build a foundation of critical thinking skills to stop you from getting confused in metaphysical and theological matters;
  • How oral history really works and why the game of telephone gives us a poor picture of how knowledge can be transferred through generations;
  • How some of the nuances of the Big Bang Theory align with Genesis 1, as well as ancient and medieval rabbinical commentary considered essential to understanding the Jewish Bible;
  • How some of the confusing Biblical verses about the creation of the Earth can be resolved with an understanding of how Earth's atmosphere formed;
  • That the astrological method used by Egyptologists to date Ancient Egypt is demonstrably wrong by two hundred years;
  • How radiocarbon dating works... and why it might be flawed for Lower Egypt;
  • That our current understanding of the dynasties of Ancient Egypt is wildly optimistic and very implausible;
  • That Joseph, who became vizier of Egypt, was actually a notable figure in fifth-dynasty history;
  • That the events in Exodus are referenced in Egyptian documents, and that the plagues of boils and firstborn caused dynastic upheaval;
  • How all this evidence, plus Exodus 19 and the testimony of the Jewish people, is "proof" that God exists that would be accepted in any fair courtroom;
  • And more!

Included with this book is a free companion timeline, which shows the "Revised Dynastic Model" in more detail alongside Biblical events from Abraham's birth to the Exodus.

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Multiple lines of evidence for the Biblical Creator contained in a 96-page full-color .pdf. Also included: a companion timeline for Egypt and the Exodus.


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Pieces of the Puzzle: Reconciling Science, History, and the Bible

2 ratings